"I want to live till 150" The old woman shared the way she prolonged her life.

The old lady Sefi Oyeyemi was born in 1900, she overcame the revolution, 2 World Wars, the reforms and new changes. In our national record, she was honoured as the oldest person in Uganda, on 4 May she will be 123 years old.

Ms Sefi Oyeyemi has not only surpassed the people of her time but also their children.

She often attempts medical checkups. Every year, the doctors say the only thing: totally healthy, she can even travel to the moon tomorrow without any problems.


Despite her long life, Ms Oyeyemi rarely leaves her village and she always refuses to move to the town with her children. They think that she is rather old. But age does not matter a lot.

Ms Oyeyemi lives in a small house with the family of her youngest child. She takes care of the household by herself. She has her own garden and raises livestock and poultry as cows, pigs and hens. She has enough strength to take care of all this stuff.

We've come to her house to ask for an interview and find our her biggest secret - how to live long without any diseases. After she welcomed us and treated with homemade pies, we saw that she had a lot of things to do. We did not want to bother her more so we went straight to the reason why we came here.

- Ms Oyeyemi, you have lived a very long life. The longest one ever. Do you have any secrets?

I've said many times to those, who asked (the reporters visits her frequently). It's all thanks to the clean blood vessels. That was what John Kisitu taught me. John Kisitu was a physician living in our village. People from our village as well as from other villages came to him for treatment. He was called to the army to cure the soldiers and he did not return. We were neighbours at that time.

Every evening we gathered together to talk. He always did some researches on different techniques and ways of treating various diseases. My sister was alive at that time. She had some issues with her health. Our parents cured her vessels and she became healthy. From that time, we started to pay more attention to blood vessels. Our parents passed away at the age of 87. My sister also lived a long life, but not as long as mine. She passed away at the age of 95. I also tell my children to take care of their blood vessels.

And the secret of long life is the blood vessels, detoxing them frequently is necessary. But nobody does that, so nobody lives long. Especially pensioners in the town. They like to have medicines thinking that medicines would help them. When I visited my nephew I was rather surprised. At the age of 60, he has plenty of diseases. That's how medicines work. They are all chemical. If everyone has taken care of their vessels, all of them would have been healthy.

Ms. Oyeyemi, if someone with weak health cleanses their vessels, would they live longer?

Of course! See. The blood runs inside the vessels and provides nutrition to all the organs. The more nutrition is absorbed, the healthier the organs are. The people conditions depend on the vessel conditions. But the vessels gradually get dirty with time as the vessels also have dirt and the things that were not absorbed which damage the vessels. As a result, the vessels get dirty as the water tubes. Blood won't come to the organs and the consequence is that the organs would have problems. Kidneys, stomach, liver or the bladder - all of them would be affected if the blood circulation is poor. Even the head. Just imagine, if I don't feed the cows, they would get sick right away!

If you improve the blood circulation, the organs will revive. People might not live as long as me, but longer for sure. 3,5 years more or maybe 10 years. When there was no medicine, everyone would cure this way and be healthy.

Oh, I remember one thing. There was a woman from Nakuru that told me about that. Her husband suffered so much from high blood pressure. He even had some initial symptoms of cardiac diseases. The doctor said that he wouldn't live long, they could seek for the cemetery. She also asked me the way to treat, maybe I'd have had some tricks. And I advised them to cleanse the blood vessels. I don't know any other secrets. That happened 10 years ago and her husband still lives well and does not have high blood pressure anymore. All the family has cleansed the vessels. And I got the congratulations on the birthday. There are a lot of such stories.

The reporters often ask me about this and I always say things as they are. But it's clearly that nobody listened to me. If you cleanse the vessels, you would live longer and healthier! There is no point in living longer but with diseases.

HyperGuard The contamination of blood vessels is the reason of 93% other diseases: from intestinal diseases to poor eyesight.

How can we cleanse the blood vessels? Can you share the secret with our readers please?

- I used to do it with the help of herbs. When I was stronger, I went to the wood and field on the certain season, dried picked and dried herbs then prepared for healing. I cleanse the vessels 2 times a year. There is no need to do it more frequent, the vessels do not get dirty so fast. But now I do not pick the herbs by myself anymore. You need to go to the forest at the right time, but I have more things to take care of.

I have stopped doing it for 15 years. My granddaughter lives in Germany. She sends me the receipt by mail. I cleanse the blood vessels that way. Adama, the girl from the post, always brings it to my house. This medicine is better than the herb. You see, I don't have the strength to pick herbs anymore. I am healthy but I am old. You can prolong the ageing process but you can not stop it.

What is the name of that product?

I don't remember. I can only remember that there is a heart drawn on the package. But I've thrown it away. You can ask for the name from my granddaughter. I'll give you the number. She lives in Germany so you may have to pay tons of money...

Ms Oyeyemi had been searching for something in the room for a long time. Then she brought an old piece of paper - she still keeps the phone number list this way.

We called our granddaughter. She is an expert, she lives in Europe and she sent granny a product protecting heart and blood vessels many times. But the point is that it wasn’t a product produced abroad, on the opposite, it was produced here. Its name is HyperGuard.

We couldn't help but ask her granddaughter about the effectiveness of this product and why it has the effects also how the purifying of blood vessels affects to people of the pension age and younger.

HyperGuard Kimberly Oyeyemi answered from Germany

-Purifying blood vessels is essential for those who want to live long without diseases. People with cardiac diseases, especially high blood pressure, should purify the blood. Cleansing the vessels from cholesterol is the main key to heal high blood pressure.

Also, purifying blood vessels is prescribed for other diseases which are not related to cardiac system. For example, with liver or kidney diseases, doctors usually recommend to cleanse the blood vessels. This treatment usually helps to improve the effectiveness of the healing process.

HyperGuard are produced in our country, they have an international certificate. They protect heart and blood vessels from excess cholesterol, normalize blood pressure and reduce the risks of a heart attack and stroke.

The main ingredient is ginseng polygonatum. It cleanses blood vessels and reduces the risks of clotting. In addition to ginseng, the product also contains two more valuable ingredients.


Strengthens blood vessels, maintains proper cholesterol level


Gives you more energy, increases stamina and helps to lose weight

and many other elements

So where can we find HyperGuard then?

The only thing I need to inform that as I far as I know, this year, Academy of Medicine did not give the necessary amount to continue the program of last years when the product was distributed. So, at the moment, they are distributing the stock of last year. Everyone who wants to cleanse their vessels with this product, I advise you to join the game the earliest the best.

At the moment, a poll is being done among the ones who use HyperGuard. The manufacturer requests those who receive the product to undergo a poll to answer whether the product has helped them to improve their health and how. The number of participants is almost 5000.

The result is:

  • Blood pressure is balanced absolutely (no more high blood pressure) - 98%
  • Normalized heartbeat - 97% participants
  • No more headache - 99% participants
  • Improve eyesight - 74% participants
  • Help to treat for chronic diseases - 92% participants.
  • Improve overall health - 99% participants
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